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Electric Motor Services
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Removal / Installation
  • Our technicians are capable of performing on-site troubleshooting to make for certain the removal of the motor is necessary.
  • All safety measures, both preparatory and post-removal, are top priority to ensure the safety of the work environment.
  • ​The quality of equipment used for installation will ensure that the motor being placed is completely in sync with the product being driven, allowing for consistent maximum efficiency.  
  • Once brought into our facility the motor will undergo thorough testing in order to accurately pinpoint the root cause failure.
  • Derby City Pump and Valve has a complete repair/rewind station, AC/DC, 1Ph/3Ph, with capabilities of core loss/repair. Our wide capacity for repair, also including machine work, ensures the best price for professional quality work.
  • In addition our electric motor services also encompasses dynamic balancing and custom redesign.
New Products 
  • As a certified distributor for Baldor and North American Electric, Derby City Pump and Valve stocks high quality motors available for delivery ANYWHERE in the continental United States.
  • Options are also available for our field technicians to fit new motors to existing structures, ensuring proper functionality for maximum efficiency.

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