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Tank Wash Facility Renovation and Fabrication
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  • Derby City Pump and Valve specializes in fabricating all products necessary for industrial tank cleaning facilities to operate quickly and efficiently.
  • The fabrication job is completely based upon the needs of the consumer. Having the entire cleaning system built in our facility, every aspect of the system may be customizable.
  • Specific parts of the cleaning system may be fabricated in our facility and then shipped ANYWHERE in the continental United States.
Fabricated 7 FT. entry ladder fitted for ISO containers.
Two fabricated spinner cones fitted for IBC containers.
Completed cat walk / ISO cleaning rack.
Fabrication of a 1,400 gallon chemical tank.
Fabricated 5 FT. entry ladders fitted for road tankers.
Completed cleaning system including tanks, pumps, piping, catwalk, and fall protection. 
​Cleaning system, made in our facility, in the process of being installed. Including tanks, pumps, piping, catwalks, and fall protection. 
Completed, single bay, chemical cleaning system. 
Completed, two bay, food grade cleaning skid.